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  1. Micro Ducted fan design 
    Any one intested in Ducted Fans?
    For years I dreamed of micro migs..etc with Products like the
    RFFS-100 from dynamics Unlimited Looks like its time to stop
    Dreaming and start Building.

    Here is my Ducted fan Im working on Its going to use a smoovy
    SYH39001. a carbon Molded Hub and impeller
    The Round copper thing is a penny for scale..

    any one know if Kress jets are still alive all my links are broken


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    Dymond just came out with a small duct unit its 2 1/2 inch in diamater I think its there name fan not a GWS but I could be wrong. It sells for $18

    I am normally into cars, but i have recently made an rc hovercraft, well a few actually, and i'm having a bit of trouble with thrust and steering, and thought about a ducted fan. Kyosho says it's one can get 400g of static thrust and this sounds like it could be an answer to my problem.
    My original h/craft was nitro and it's on my SITE but with a few improvements, i have now a better chassis that can almost lift 2 bricks, but can lift one with no bother. This one had a standard 540 which was mounted on a pivet so i had steering, but it wasn't very good. I thought 1 or 2 ducted fans would maybe work better.

    Do you think that swiveling them, or having rudders would be best, and are they more or less, or about as effecient as normal props?

    Does anyone know of any cheap ducted fan units, other than the kyosho??

    Any help is apreciated and i know this isn't really related, but it's linked in a way.


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    Where would you get a suitably small and light controller for the Smoovy motor? The only commercial ones I have seen are pretty bulky.
    Cheers, Dave Robelen
    Dave Robelen

    Hi Dave
    A Micro Pic
    Im Still Waiting on the data from Rmb and me motor

    later areogel

    Hi pete
    I dunno how big your hovercraft is....but you could shrink the
    Project and get two Gws fans.. One for your Bag the other for
    Pushing has them for 16.00$


    Thanks, but would they be able to push my craft?
    Its just about 1kg and the list arangement that it has already can lift just short of two bricks, but the thust from a 540 standard motor and 8"x6" prop running on 7.2volt wasn't enough for it to move with any great speed. I'm not sure anout how much thrust that creates, but 74g of thrust sounds quite minimal in complarison to kyosho's 400g. Thanks for the link, but does anyone have any more information?

    The dimensions are approx 450x350mm and the lift motor is a 380 with a hair drier impeller.

    Thanks, PeteŽ

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    Hi Pete,
    You had a question about the relative thrust of ducted fans vs. props. I am seeing about 60% of the propeller thrust compared to the GWS EDF. I too doubt that they would give the thrust that you need. Have you considered a shrouded prop? This would keep the tips out of trouble and give you the efficiency of a prop. I would go for steering the thrusters personally as opposed to rudders.
    Cheers, Dave Robelen
    Dave Robelen

    Interesting idea, i do supose u are refering to a similar design to bow thrusters on tug boats. Also, if i put a tight fitting duct round the prop, would that increase thrust, as on the link earlier on, it had data with and without the duct, and without had most for the coresponding voltage. It sounds to me obbvious that if u surround it, thre is less air lost, and all directed back, so it becomes more efficient, but i may try that, perhaps with a more powerful motor though.



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    Hello Pete,
    Yes, in general a short shroud or duct will increase the thrust. To accomplish this, the tips of the blades must run really close to the housing, otherwise there is no gain.
    Regards, Dave Robelen
    Dave Robelen

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    how small of a plane do you plan on putting that in?
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