I enjoy reading your articles as they come out. I am a bit behind but doubt my question has been asked for a good many years.

First off, I have found a great way to clean nitro engines and exhaust without the scrubbing and immersion in harsh chemicals. I use car antifreeze. I put all the parts into a metal dish/pot and fill it with antifreeze. I than put the container on a burner outside and leave it at a gental boil for about 25 mins. I let everything cool overnight in the antifreeze than wipe all the varnish and gunk off. Very little if any scrubbing is required, and if it is needed I use a toothbrush. I find this method to be cheap, easy, and safe and it does not seem to harm the parts. I coat all parts with a light 3in1 oil.

This process cleans things fast and the antifreeze can be used over and over. I usually let it settle out and pour off the clean stuff and dump the gunk.

Here are my questions. While cleaning my Saito 150, the engine number plate (150) came off. This is the first time this has happened. I am not sure what to use to put it back on. I don't want to lose it so I'm looking for a suggestion on how to reattach it. Also, I have never had any problems with using this antifreeze method to clean engines. Should I expect long term issues down the road? I don't put any plastic or rubber parts in the solution.

Thanks for your help, and try to keep those articles coming.

Ray G