Thanks for Pudsey - Rc video below he said:
"Thank you to TATTU GENS ACE
For supplying these Lipos for testing
These Tattu Lipos are my Lipo Of choice now
They seem to be a lot more reliable. They flow great while racing
After landing and giving a lot of punch outs ( even the lower c ) They are only warm to the touch unlike the Nano Tech which get quite hot which can result in puffing which of course results in them going in the bin.
Nano Tech 1300 4cell
Peak 791 Grams of thrust
Peak Amps 18.92a
Voltage 16.75 after 16.63
Peak Watts 301.17
Tattu 1800 4cell 75c
Peak 858 Grams of Thrust
Peak Amps 19.34
Voltage 16.75 after 16.63
Peak Watts 313.59