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    We've acomplished elimination to redbull flugtag 2015 this year and we have this kind of project. it's not designed yet but gives slight idea of what we need to build.
    - we have 6m high ramp and 30m to gain speed
    - wingspread max = 10m
    we need help with:
    - structure advices (cheap and beautiful) we thought about paper boards to form profile and alu T profs as suporting beams and stretch foil as a wing surface.

    - profile shape decisions thinner fatter longer... we have no idea.
    - angles between wings - to have constant direction.
    - delta (if needed) angle for both wings. we thought that this way we can have a balance point a bit further to the center of a plane and don't have to add weight in front
    - best proportoin between lenght and width of wings and a tail wing(?)

    if u know any experts please help us out.
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