Thread: RF interference w/hitec aurora/optima,2.4 24cc gas engine

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  1. Question RF interference w/hitec aurora/optima,2.4 24cc gas engine 
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    this is driving me crazy, as I'm getting severe glitches with this setup. especially at low engine rpm. even loss total radio control during yesterdays run-up, no throttle, separate servos in elevator, one when all the way down, while other remained neutral! have spoken with hitec (no help), several hobby shops, and club members

    fuji-inmac 24cc gas engine, hitec aurora 2.4 optima rec, hitec servos dynaflite decathlon, separate rec 6v battery

    what I've done so far, moved the rec as far back from the engine as possible (over 12")with antenna in the tail, as well as the rec battery
    installed ferrous magnets on all servo wires, spark plug cap secure on spark plug, resister plug, cdi grounded to engine

    any assistance would be greatly appreciated, can provide photos if needed

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    Hello kcindur,

    This is a fairly old post. Hopefully you have resolved the issue by now. If you haven't though... I would start by trying a different Tx/Rx combination (not 2.4 Ghz.). Of course I'm sure you have checked everything with the engine off.

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