Hello All:
I am kep and I have been building model airplanes starting with "Speedee Bilt" kits in the 1950's. I was about 8 years; had no mentors and no comprehension of Center of Gravity or aircraft lift to weight ratios. My learning curve was steep but finally at 69 years I get it, I think.
I was president of a local So. Cal. Club with a great field and membership. I moved to Texas upon retirement. I am not an electric enthusiast because I have been raised with internal combustion power and I love it. I don't care to own airplanes built by someone else, company or person because building is a large piece of the pie for me. I do respect how the changes have involved many new folks into the process of model airplanes and that is good. I do have reservations on pifferial issues associated with ARF production, however.
I love all aspects from stick and tissue to fine scale RC and I love biplanes. I have always had a notion that everyone's heart and mind would be stirred the first time they saw their small tissue covered airplane created from balsa, glue and tissue by their own hands; rise into the air with the sun glinting through the structure. Model airplanes bring people together so they can talk about an inherently clean, interesting, emotional, thrilling, rewarding and confidence instilling experiences. You make friends and it is hard to develop a fundamental anger or fear of a fellow true modeler. The world would be a better place if more kids liked it too.