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    The Stinon Reliant is a high-wing monoplane that was made from 1933 to 1941, in different models, ranging from the SR-1 to SR-10. The Reliant production can be broken into two distinct types - the straight wing Reliants up to SR-6 and the gull wing Reliants with there being little in common between the two groups of types. The straight wing Reliant had a wing of constant chord and thickness which was supported by two struts each side with additional bracing struts.

    In contrast, the taper wing Reliant had the broadest chord and thickness of the wing at mid span, with the outer wing trailing edge heavily angled forward and a rounded cutout on the leading edge root, all supported by a single strut. The taper wing had a significant step up between the fuselage and the wing, and the changes in wing thickness gave it a distinct gull appearance from the front.

    Our Stinson Reliant model is a sport scale model of the later gull wing series. The all balsa and plywood model arrives almost ready to fly. Though the model is very large, the 2-piece plug-in wings make the model a breeze to transport. With a light all up weight for a model this size and the large wing, the Stinson will fly slow and scale. Power it with anything from a 26~35CC gas engine, and standard high torque servos, she's very economical to put in the air. Rugged aluminum landing gear supports the model, while a pre-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants finish off the model. A full hardware package completes the model, meaning less trips to the hobby shop. In true scale fashion, the side doors open to give you access to the wing bolts, fuel tank and electronics.

    A fun sport scale model, almost ready to take to the skies. A few evenings of work and you can be flying a Stinson of your own!


    • Almost Ready to Fly - Just install your choice of motor, battery, and electronics
    • Pre-painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants
    • Built up balsa and plywood airframe pre-covered in color film
    • Rugged aluminum landing gear
    • Complete hardware pack
    • Two piece plug-in wings
    • Hinged side doors for easy fuel tank and electronics access
    • Bolt on horizontal stabiliser halves


    Wingspan: 2160mm
    Length: 1490mm
    Wing Area: 61.2dm2
    Weight: 3600g


    • 26~35CC Gas Engine
    • 6 Standard- High Torque Servos
    • 5-6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver
    • Receiver Battery
    • Misc Adhesives

    #9110000025-0 - $258.92

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    nice plane, quite expensive. What's special in it? why it's price reaching up to sky?

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