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The Super-X Micro Quad is the first Full function micro-sized brushless Quad-Copter using Hobby grade components. This little BNF Kit, comes with everything but a DSM2 transmitter to get you up in the air and is a breeze to assemble with no soldering or gluing.

Starting off with a durable full carbon 1.6mm thick one piece 125mm frame, it is matched with 4, 6400kv 3 gram brushless motors and 3A ESC’s providing double the thrust of its own weight!! Best of all it’s fully plug and play with micro connectors. It comes with 2 sets of 75mm props and full mounting hardware for a quick and easy build.

For the FC or flight controller, it is a full featured micro sized MWC. It not only has the normal 6050MPU, but also has a compass and barometer and integrated 7ch DSM2 receiver built in, supporting not only the standard flight modes but altitude hold and carefree modes as well. The FC has support for GPS, OLED and Bluetooth options, and has 6 motor outs for up to a Hex configuration.

This Super –X Micro, with its full feature power is perfect for 3D and FPV use. The PNF Kit comes with two 300mah Batteries providing 8 minutes of flight and can easily handle a 600mah for over 12 minutes of flight. The kit also comes with a matched FTDI tool for setting up your TX and flight modes.

The Super-X is simply the most advanced and powerful Micro Quad-copter in its size class.


  • Durable full carbon frame
  • Super lightweight at just 32g
  • Brushless power system for longevity and power
  • Full featured micro MWC flight controller
  • Included FTDI tool for radio and flight modes setup
  • Comes with spare props and 2 batteries
  • Integrated DC/DC voltage booster/Step down for 5v 1~2 cell operation

Flight controller features:

  • Integrated DSM2 7ch receiver
  • Atmega328p
  • Onboard MPU6050,HMC5883L, BMP180 sensors
  • Supports IIC-GPS, OLED, BT
  • 6 motor outs that power the esc directly
  • Onboard DC/DC voltage boost circuit (5v/500ma, for 1s lipo
  • Onboard linear voltage step-down circuit (5v/500ma, for 2s lipo)


Wheelbase: 125mm
Weight: 38g (without battery)
Motors: MR-03-H 6400kv


  • Super-X frame
  • MR-03-H brushless motor 4 pcs;
  • MX-3A brushless ESC 4 pcs;
  • 75mm rotor 8 pcs(2 sets)
  • 1S 300mAh25C lipo 2 piece;
  • Several pieces of cable
  • Nylon cable ties

  • DMS2 transmitter or module
  • 1s battery charger

#154000017-0 - $149.38