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Filmmaker Paul Naton shares with you his methods and techniques for making structurally sound, yet good looking, professional repairs on gliders made with modern materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar.

In this film, Paul demonstrates how to fix the most common types of damage on bagged and moulded wings and repair broken fuselages all with readily available and inexpensive materials and tools. With spare parts so expensive and hard to get, these repair techniques will save you lots of money and help get your plane back in the air quickly.

You will learn what tools and materials to get, how to mix epoxies and epoxy modifiers like Cabosil and Micro Balloons and how to do simple yet strong laminations and repairs using fiberglass, carbon fiber, and kevlar cloth. Other skills you will learn are wet sanding, filling and fairing airfoils, primer finishing, and paint preparation.

For the repair tutorials, you will learn how to fix an Icon 2 carbon F3J fuse with a severe break, repair and reinforce a cracked Xplorer 4.0 electric fuse, mend some delaminated foam-core HLG wings, fix a moldy wing with major leading edge damage, and restore a pair of Onyx JW stabs with crash damage. Once you learn these basic techniques and practice these skills a little, you can do your own repairs that will look as good as the pictures you see of the pros fixing stuff on the internet. You will now know how they do it, it's not as hard as it looks, it just takes patients and lots of sanding