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    i currentley have a You can do 3d from greatplanes and i love it. but i am wanting to get a new plane. has anyone wver had a planes from if so how is the qaulity and what do you guys think. i noticed that their prices are fairly cheap. otherwise do you guys have any reccomendations. i like aerobatics and 3d so thats what i plan to go with. here is a link to the yak 54 they have that i may buy.

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    check these guys out , heard they have good stuff, ive bought some motor and batteries from them and all was good.

    All of the NitroPlanes ARFs need some inspection before flight.

    Sometimes wing tubes are a bit short, which can cause failure of the wing in flight. Slide both wings on without the fuselage. The space in between should be a maximum of 1/16 inch less than the fuselage width.

    Check for adequate glue on landing gear blocks and other high stress areas. Better to add a bit of excess glue than have something come apart on you. Use 30 min epoxy mixed with sawdust (microballoons if you have them) to fill gaps.

    With a bit of care all of their planes can be just fine. But you need to know what to look for and how to make any corrections that may be required.

    I've had quite a few of their models. The Bobcat 50 can do over 100 mph with a good .61 on it. I haven't found top end of my Falcon 120 yet...

    If you do take the time to check out your nitro plane before flying, you will in all likely hood have a good flying plane. Most of them fly rather well.

    No doubt that they are generally decent value for the money.

    But they will recommend a high performance EDF model for a beginner... and that's just wrong.

    Some of the recommended CG locations are bad.... for example the Bobcat 50 needed the CG moved back considerably. Some are spot on as with the Falcon 120 (same design, different sizes)

    Read the reviews and note all comments about what needs special attention.

    Get advice and assistance (in person) from an experienced modeler in making your choices and in how to inspect these and prepare them for flying. They will last a lot longer.

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    It's always advisable to do a search before spending a large sum of money with a foreign company. Get as many reviews as possible. Believe me, you will spared a lot of grief. Just google and learn about the company before committing to buy.
    Flying is only 25% the enjoyment of modelling, another 25% is the building, and 50% of the enjoyment is making of new friends.

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    I have purchased five planes from Nitroplanes in the last year.
    A CMP DHC Beaver (electric). Great little plane. Needed no real reworkings, just fit and finish items as usual.
    A Dynam Pitts S12 (Python) A great flying plane right out of the box.
    A Dynam Albatros that I did MUCH modification to in the way of customizing for scale detail. Not the greatest flyer in my fleet.
    A Dynam WACO that is my daily-go-to flyer with over 250 flights on her.
    Last is a AeroSky Extra 330SC that I bought as a kit and had for only three flights. That plane had a violent roll to the right (un commanded!) and was a total write off. I believe that MY electronics were to blame.

    You notice that I am a repeat buyer from NitroPlanes and the quality of their products is EXACTLY the same as other Dynam , CMP and StarMax/AeroSky offerings.
    I have not had occasion to need customer service as all my planes arrived in good shape or could be made that way with very little effort. I continue to buy from NitroPlanes with no regrets.


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    not satisfied with searching for another supplier for my hobby needs.

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