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    Morning Guys, i had a great day yesterday, the Tucano flew like a dream with no issues only the engine getting warm very quick, I think this might have something to do with the speed in which i flew it? or the weather as it was very hot. it was a great day but it ended with one retracts starting to play up.

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    Awesome photo and gorgeous airplane!

    A suggestion on the engine temperature, is to first make sure you have good inlet air being directed towards the cylinder head (and as much of the rest as you can).

    Secondly, and with equal or greater importance, you need at least 2x the exit area as inlet area, behind the engine, for the air to expand and escape without restriction. I usually shoot for a good 3x exit:inlet ratio to be safe, but 2x is generally a good "rule of thumb."

    I don't see any shots under the cowl but I'm betting there could use to be a bit more air exit room!


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