If you're in SoCal, you don't want to miss the 11th annual RCX at the Long Beach Convention Center! Two intense days of nonstop, insane, hands-on action for everyone from kids to adults—now in its 11th year!

One of the best parts about RCX is that you don't just get to see the latest planes and helicopters; you can pick them up, get an up-close look and then go fly them! The Horizon Fly Cage is free to attendees and is always one of the most popular attractions at RCX, because you can check out Blade micro helis and UMX micro planes first hand and see how easy they are to fly -- even inside a small area like the cage. You can fly larger planes and helis on Horizon's Phoenix flight sim, which is set up on a large screen and is so realistic you'll feel like you're at the field. For more information on RCX, go to www.RCX.com!