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    Hi...I'm not new to flying or kit building, but I decided to move forward in this great hobby. I recently purchased some plans from the Air Age Media store of by David Johnson. The plane is a 1/4 scale Fokker E.V. What I could use some help with is the best way to transfer the drawings of all the parts onto balsa and ply. I don't have the plans yet, but I've been doing some online research as to the best technique for this phase of the build. It seems that there are many schools of thought and I would like some of the members here to give me their take on the subject. Thanks in advance
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    Hi Doc, I have built a few planes from plans. The first thing I do is make make copies from a place like Staples or Office Depot. I found that some of the copiers can change the dimensions of your original plans so you should double check your copies before using them. I make lines on the plans about every 12" or so and label them with letters suck as A,B, C ect. If you have a lot of pieces you can use letters and numbers such as 1A, !B, ect. That way you can make copies in sections for the larger pieces and use the lines to line up the pieces and glue them together. I just use clear school glue because it will flow out of the bottle by itself. Save the original and use the photo copy pieces to glue them directly on to the wood. I leave about a 1/2" overhang of wood around the plan to make it easier to cut out later. I make sure that the glue is good and dry on the plans to the wood and then cut out the pieces following the outlines on the plans. Hope this helps. Cheers!

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