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    [ame=""][/ame][ame=" Tyrd_aL1kcHGQ"] Tyrd_aL1kcHGQ[/ame]Hi , There the Yak 23 I build from RBC kits, this one have a wingspan of 41'' inc, balsa wood and plywood conventional construction, finish with 3/4 oz. fibre glass and resine, with HET 70mm fan and Typhoon 1W30 motor and 4S-5000 LiPo, for take off I use a bungee assist launch at half throttle and after gaine some speed add full throttle , verry fast with is set-up verry solid . Cheers[ame=" Tyrd_aL1kcHGQ"] Tyrd_aL1kcHGQ[/ame]
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