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  1. Corsair landing gear speed 
    I need some information on timing for the main landing gear on the Corsair. On the actual plane, how long for the gear to retract, and did both left and right go up at the same time? I am building the Top Flight Gold Edition, 60 size.

    Speed varies.

    For a scale model about 2 to 3 seconds would be a good representation. (sudden bang-bang operation is noticeably not realistic) The hydraulic system is not really predictable about raising or lowering evenly. Often one wheel will be half down when the other is all the way up when retracting. They tend to go down more evenly.

    I tend to prefer use of Spring-Air retracts because in case of loss of air the wheels will come down. Robart and other systems that have dual-acting air cylinders on the retracts you may be unable to get the wheels down on loss of air because they may be stuck in the locked up position. Also if you manage to bump them down they may not be locked.

    2 X nosewheels can be modified for rotating if they don't have the type rotating main retracts desired. I'm doing this for a Black Horse 50cc (22 lb 90 in span) because no rotating retract other than the OEM (junk) mounts to the model... but nosewheel retracts will.

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