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    I have a used Enya 15-II mounted with muffler and pressurized tank (via muffler). I can get it started but it runs very poorly, will not rev up as I lean it out and won't respond to throttle opening/closing with an RPM change. It blows fuel out of the carb venturi while starting and after running leaks around the needle valve - I donít know if this is characteristic of Enya or not. Any suggestions as getting her to run right would be appreciated.

    Sounds like it needs help... at a minimum the leak at the needle needs to be cured.

    Its likely that the idle is adjusted so badly its affecting the high end.

    15-II is a very old engine... MUST have castor oil.

    I don't know if this helps or not, but the low speed adjustment regulates the air flow on the Enya carb. Screwing the low speed adjustment in will richen the idle mixture and screwing it out leans it opposite of the way the high speed needle works.
    the high speed needle assembly screws into the carb and is held fast by a check nut. Ensure that this is tight.
    Look into the exhaust port with the muffler off. the slot in the cylinder liner should line up perfectly with the opening in the exhaust stack. If not,and the slot is a little low, the engine has been disassembled and reassembled with the sleeve in backward. This condition would cause the problems you are describing.
    let us know what you find out please.

    Hey, rszanti;
    Did you ever get that Enya 15 running?

    tandemairbike, you know your engines. that was good advice and I would think that would get rszanti engine going.

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