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  1. AMR 50CC Low Wing Stick 
    I recently completed this aircraft.

    Kit with DLE 55 from AMR
    Hitec servos all around. 5645 on all surfaces except rudder uses 5955
    Using 10 channels with DX-18 TX and 9020 RX ("Batt" port is Aux 5) (Rudd, 2 Elev, 2 Ail, 2 Flaps, Throttle, choke, optical kill)
    RCExl optical kill
    Covered in Monokote transparent Red, Transparent yellow with dark red and yellow (solid) trim (to hide laser cutting burned edges and overlaps of transparent colors)
    Lighting system still in progress. 35 ft of glow wire installed.

    The plane came out 25 lbs with full fuel but the DLE 55 can still pull it straight up at less than 3/4 throttle. 16 sq ft of wing so it slows down to a crawl for landing.
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    That's pretty cool. My little .40 Ultra Stick was one of my favorite planes for a long time (til I converted it to electric and made it stupid anyway). The low wing is a cool idea, combined with the 50cc size should be pretty cool. Have you flown it yet? What's it like?

    I always wanted to do an internally lit plane with transparent/translucent covering. Anxious to see what this looks like at night in the air.


    Its a big slow oversize trainer.

    Very small control surfaces relative to the fixed surface size. Appx 2 inch (slight taper) aileron chord on a 24 inch chord fixed surface wing. I've had .60 size trainers with 14 inch wing chord with larger aileron chord.

    Without going to extreme nose up attitude it will seem to stop in midair with a very light headwind.

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