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  1. Brushless motor "stalls" and "Squeals" 
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    Brushless motor "stalls"


    I'm putting a Hobby King 5045/500 brushless motor in a 60 size Escapade 60 with a Turnigy Plush 60A UBEC.

    I'm using a 15/6 propeller for testing, and a 6 cell lipo battery

    When I bring the throttle up slowly, the motor starts smoothly and gets up to about half speed, about 4000 RPM. As the throttle is pushed above half way the motor stops and a loud "shrieking" sound is heard. If I back off the throttle to zero and run it up again, the motor again works ok until I get to half throttle.

    The motore is rated for up to 7 cells by Hobby King and the UBEC has a rating of 80 amps surge and 60 continuous. With the 15/6 prop I shouldnt be close to these limits.

    Any Ideas What is causing the motor to stop and "Shriek" At higher throttle settings

    Thanks for any ideas.

    improper timing and/or overloaded motor.

    Try a smaller prop.

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