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    Ok so I inherited a Walkera 36 from my dad who got fed up on trying to learn to fly it. I am having an issue getting my pitch to work properly. I have read forum after forum and also stopped by my local RC shop(they wont touch it!) to see what is going on. Basically when I test out the pitch without the motor connected it seems to not fully pitch the blades. When I actually have the motor connected it will lift very slightly with the trainers on the skids and go across the concrete. Any ideas on adjustments? thanks!

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    On helis like this, when I'd get them at the hobby shop I would adjust the linkage coming from the servos to the swashplate a couple turns at a time until I was happy with the performance. You MUST do ALL 3 LINKS THE SAME otherwise it will not fly right at all. Keep the swashplate level and adjust as necessary.

    Typically, if you need more pitch, the swashplate needs to be raised up higher, requiring you to lengthen (un-thread) the rods from servos to swashplate.

    If you need more than a couple turns, you can also adjust the linkage from the swashplate to the mixing arms/blade grips. It depends on how much adjustability is built-in. Sometimes the swash to mixing arms/grips isn't adjustable and you're stuck doing just the swashplate.


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