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    Have taken a Fuji engine out of 50 some years storage and now ready to run.
    My memory suggests its a 099 but only markings are H/9/4 . Its a control line
    engine and I have misplaced the needle for the carb. Does any one know a
    source for that part. Thanks skyking22

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  3. freeing up an older long stored engine 
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    Hi guys;

    I bought a used engine, was told it runs very well. Maybe it did ten years ago, but the carb barrel is stuck, haven't been able to move it, so it's soaking in some WD-40 right now. I remove it from the engine, then took everything I could off the carb, ran the throttle arm screw in and tried to pull it out with pliers, no go. Do any of you have a solution that might help? Will appreciate any help.


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    Heat is the answer. Use a blow dryer or a MonoKote heat gun and heat it up. The old Castor oil gels with time. Heat melts it. Alternatively is to soak it over night in fuel (Methanol).

    You can take the carb off and disassemble it. Be careful as there is a spring in it that holds the barrel up against the side. And be careful to observe the needle settings.

    You did not say what kind of engine it was. OS has some parts breakdowns showing assemblies of the engine. Even out of date engines can be looked up on the OS web page. Some times parts are common from age to age, like needle valves. O-rings in the carb are probably shot but the good news is that they too do not change much and are pretty common in an engine family. Bearings are easily obtained from bearing dealers. Things like pistons and connecting rods are not easily found. Bob Boumstien (do a search of Bobs Engines) sells used engines and parts engines for a reasonable price.

    If the engine is from the sixties it probably has a ring in the piston. More modern engines of the same size are more powerful.

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