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  1. What's your favorite jet? 
    My vote has to go to the F-14 Tomcat (yes, I'm an 80s kid). The Top Gun movie will be re-released in 3D next year, and there's even a remake in the works!

    The F-4 Phantom is one of my favorite jet plane, we use to have them based near where I live. I was able to photograph them on many occasions.

    Favorite - Well I don't have just one BUT:

    F-14 - Matt Halton's design, now produced by Jet Hanger Hobbies - two sizes a minifan and a midifan. Mines the Midifan.

    SU-27 - Savage Bro's design (when it comes out) I'm dieing for a 27 and theres is twin minifan with retracts

    I don't really have a single favorite jet.

    Me-262... first combat operational jet
    F-86 / Mig 15 First jet vs jet dogfight

    Two of the biggest milestones in military jets.

    The F-14 "legend" is greatly because of the Top Gun movie... It was a good aircraft but tried to do too much with one airframe and thus didn't really do anything as well as a single purpose aircraft could.

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    For me it is the YF-12. An aircraft way ahead of its time. Pro: Very fast and long range, Con: costly to buy and maintain. Can you image the airframe with today technology, glass cockpit, fly by wire, etc. I remember working an ASPEN and in three radar sweeps he was off my scope. When I ask the pilot how fast he was going the reply was "More than adequate". Kelly Jonson was thinking way outside of the box and the SR-71 was born.

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    Mine has got to be Concorde.
    A Mach 2 jet with looks to match carrying fare paying passengers for 27 years.

    Personally a fan of the Bombardier range. The Learjet will always have my heart, still got my first knocking about somewhere. Eventually you need a bit more space though and it has to be the Global 8000.

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    Hi all, I am planning to buy my first rc jet. I searched on Internet and found some cool jets at at reasonable prices. I am bit confused, which one to get. I like F-16 most, but F-22 also look good. Can you help me guys to choose the right jet? Thanks.

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