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    Clarence, thanks for this forum. When the magazine shows up, it is the first thing I look for to read. My question is this: If you have a fuel feed problem caused by a low tank position will remounting the remote needle valve to a lower position solve it, or is the tank position dictated by the carburetor?

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    Correct tank position is relative to the spraybar in the carb.

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    I have had several planes where it wasn't possible to raise the tank. I solved the problem by turning the engine. Some I turned 45* to get the spraybar in the right place, while others I had to lay the engine at 90*.
    It's about the easiest fix I've found to lowering the height of the carb.

    A properly crashed airplane doesn't have to be repaired.

    Angling the engine appx 45 deg down from horizontal can put the stock muffler running on the bottom the centerline of the fuselage.

    Aiming the exhaust down from there will have most of the exhausted oil miss the aircraft entirely... unless you fly inverted a lot.

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