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  1. Inside & Outside Snap Rolls 
    INSIDE AND OUTSIDE SNAP ROLLS can add great excitement to your flying while opening up a whole new world of maneuver possibilities. In the June 2010 issue, we discussed inside snap rolls and the wing dynamics involved. This month, we'll expand our skill set to include out-side snap rolls. Outside, or "negative," snap rolls are accomplished by applying full (normal rate) down-elevator while at the same time cross-controlling the rudder and aileron. Click here to read the rest of the article at

    Full aileron deflection into the snap should make the rotation faster, but it also alters how the aircraft tracks in the snap. If you are going to get into competition (Pattern/F3A especially) then you want the nose to stay on your line of flight and the tail to rotate around that line. With full aileron input into the snap most planes will not do that. Alter how much aileron (possibly using aileron opposed to the snap) to cure it.

    You can do a snap-roll (positive or negative) without using the ailerons at all... if you have adequate rudder and elevator.

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