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  1. Clouds fly issues 
    I hope someone can provide some assistance. I am an avid nitro rc plane pilot but when I seen the advert for the clouds fly I decided to give it a shot. I have connected a 2200mh lipo battery to the esc and when I put on the throttle, all i get from the motor are a few movements of the prop and thats it. If i continue, the esc starts to get warm. sometimes the prop actually kicks in and all is good, good throttle response but when I stop the motor it goes back and does the same thing.

    Is there any idea of what the problem could be?

    Thank you so much


    Sounds like either an ESC timing setting issue or a bad connection on one wire between the motor and ESC.

    I agree with Fhhuber, but if you can't resolve the issue with timing settings and the connections look good. You need a new ESC.

    Or a new motor.... A bad winding inside the motor could have the same effect as a bad connection between ESC and motor.

    Did you put too long of a screw in to mount the motor and hit the windings?

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