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    I'm looking for a good 3 or 4 channel helicopter for under 50 dollars. I know that is a tough order, but that is all I have budget for right now. Already my wife is ready to kill me over this new obsession... I really want to get into this RC bug... Please help me. Let me know of a good site to order from as well. I live in Roosevelt UT. And there aren't any hobby stores for hours. Thank you for all the advice in advance.

    Good and under $50... just about mutually exclusive.

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    amazon and hobbycool , you can go to see here ! i think !

    The new Blade Scout is $50 and a decent beginner heli that you can learn the basics on. It's coaxial, so you'll just be hovering and doing figure-8s, etc. (no aerobatics) but you'll get your thumbs used to the controls.; buy from

    I would highly recommend a flight sim before you step up to a fixed-pitch machine!

    I found the fixed pitch (not coax) to be harder to fly than the collective pitch helis.

    Fixed pitch lift is proportional to head speed. They tend to run a lower head speed than collective pitch (CCPM or mechanical mix)

    Higher head speed tends to add gyroscopic stability. (for example: a top spinning at high speed is stable... it slows down and it starts wobbling)

    With collective pitch you can adjust the throttle-pitch relationship to give higher head speed, better control response and better stability.

    I can directly compare the E-Sky Honeybee fixed pitch with the E-Sky Honeybee CCPM. (both from appx 2007... I still have both) The CCPM is much easier to control. The same motor... same RX/mixer/gyro... same servos... same heli frame... the only differences being the extra servo, linkages for CCPM vs fixed pitch and the blades.

    Note that different blades can make a huge difference in stability and/or responsiveness. On a Century Hawk Sport, changing from wood original blades to fiberglass made the .30 size mechanical mix collective pitch heli more stable at the same head speed.
    (Hawk Sport is discontinued... they now sell the "Pro" which includes what used to be optional upgrades for the Sport)

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    there are many stores online , you should chose the best !

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