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  1. RC plane flies around Statue of Liberty 
    RC plane flies around Statue of Liberty. Seems like a dangerous stunt, but the video result is amazing. What do you guys think?


    I don't like this at all. This is one of the reasons that the FAA wants to get more involved in regulating our hobby. See below!

    Hey everybody, the FAA is developing new regulations that may place onerous and unnecessary restrictions on the hobby, sport and educational pursuit of model aviation. It is extremely important that all aeromodeling enthusiasts stand up and tell congress to protect model aviation from pending federal regulation by the FAA. The AMA has developed a simple, direct way to reach your lawmakers in only a couple clicks. Start by heading over to our main page and click on “IMPORTANT! SUPPORT RC FLYING”. Your voice can make a different.

    30 years of AMA membership... and currently a Life Member... and AMA is punishing me for asking why certain CDs are applauded for allowing things that violate the Safety Code at their events.

    I'm not too happy with the people in charge of the AMA right now.

    If the AMA leadership is not going to even pay reasonable attention to their own rules then I strongly oppose the current FAA regulation plan giving "community organization" waivers of the new rules.

    And yes... that means I'd end up needing FAA COA for a few of my models under the FAA proposal.

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    I have noticed the same thing, CDs allowing infractions. And when asked why, the common answers is, we need more contestants and if we crack down, we lose them. We are trying to get more people interested in the hobby.

    I don't agree with it, but what can you do?

    We really do need more people interested in the hobby, but the "park flyers" aren't helping the situation. I've seen some very dangerous activities in the school yards and parks by people who are unlicensed and uninsured.

    I am afraid that if this activity continues, we will all pay for it through governmental legislation. And the only way to stop it is for communities to stop allowing RC flying in neighborhood parks and school yards. I know it seems like a drastic measure, but if not controlled, we all will pay for it soon.

    Flying is only 25% the enjoyment of modelling, another 25% is the building, and 50% of the enjoyment is making of new friends.

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