Thread: A new approach to balancing your props

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  1. A new approach to balancing your props 
    Practical Innovation – “Vess Balance Ring”
    by Robert Vess
    Vess Propellers

    Almost everyone in this hobby has been faced with the issues and challenges of prop balancing. The process of sanding the heavy blade or adding some sort of lacquer to the light blade of your beautiful new wood prop in an effort to get it to reach some state of balance is not a trivial pursuit. And what do you do with carbon or multi-blade props? What effect does the spinner have? Add to this the common practice of sticking an ugly pad of Velcro to the side of the hub and loading CA onto it in an attempt to correct any lateral imbalance and one can certainly understand why many just skip these steps, bolt the prop onto their engine, and hope for the best.

    for more on this check out this link:
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