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  1. DX6i - Help! - Setting Flaps 
    On the Spektrum DX7i Tx I believe the flap switch has 3 positions so that you can set say "Take Off" percentage flap, "Landing" percentage flap and "neutral" ie no flaps.

    Is there any way I can effectively get 3 settings with a DX6i Tx? - I realise DX6i only has a two pos'n s/w on flaps ie "Neutral" and "take off/land"

    I have a model and need to set a take off flap pos'n (eg 15%), a landing pos'n (eg 35%) and of course zero pos'n (o%) when flying

    Any help appreciated if there is a way of doing it



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    I use a dx6i and to my knowledge there is no way to set it up like that. There either up or down unfortunately. Hope I'm not misleading you but I'm almost positive that the multi position is only on the 7 and up. Hope this helps :-)

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