Thread: Anyone flying the Parkzone Radian?

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  1. Cool Anyone flying the Parkzone Radian? 
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    This is one sweet flying RC electric glider

    I fly all kinds of gliders and I find the Radian to be just a super, easy to fly, low cost RTF ro receiver ready package.

    The motor has plenty of power to get you high, fast and easy.

    Battery has enough capacity for 6 or more climbs to soaring height and the included radio does a great job.

    I use mine for thermal hunting, for slope soaring, and for teaching new pilots.

    Horizon Hobby

    Try it, you'll like it!

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    For all you budding glider pilots, I have a resource for you.

    The Novice Lounge of the Eastern Soaring League

    The Eastern Soaring League is a competition sailplane league that operates on the East coast of the US. In addition to running 30+ contests a year the ESL maintains a web site that includes a forum called the Novice Lounge. There are over 40 articles on soaring that are directed toward the novice pilot.

    The ESL is not an electric glider league, but many of the articles will be of interest and use to you whether you fly pure gliders or electric gliders.

    You don't have to register to read the articles, so feel free to take a look, to use this as a learning tool. And, if you decide to give pure gliders a try some day, you will find helpful articles there to guide you along.

    I hope you find it useful.

    Ed Anderson
    President, Eastern Soaring League

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    I bought one thinking it was the RTF one, only got home and it's the pnp one. I need to get
    a flight pack for it so I can enjoy it. Plan on doing that later this week.
    Sure glad you enjoy yours, makes me excited to get mine going. Have never flown a powered plane yet, always used another power plane or hi start.

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