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    How does an original model airplane design get created?

    I've always wanted to read a book that answered that question. A book that takes me by the hand and shows me how it's really done. One that tells me not just the what and the how, but also the all important why. Since nobody had ever written such a book, I decided I had to do it myself. This is that book.

    Experience firsthand the joys of building and flying your very own model airplane design. Put into practice the lessons from my previous book, RCadvisor's Model Airplane Design Made Easy. Follow along as we design, build, and fly a modern radio-controlled model airplane.


    Incorporating the latest innovations and research results, the design is deceptively simple in appearance. However, 20 prototypes and 15 hours of flight testing were required before a design finally met all the goals:

    * Build it in just one day for less than $5.
    * A joy to fly with no bad habits.
    * Sturdy enough to survive hard landings.
    * Build either a park flyer or an indoor slow flyer.
    * New pilots can fly it without ailerons.
    * Easy to build for new scratch builders.
    * Kid-friendly free flight glider version.
    * Use inexpensive electric power systems and radio gear.
    * Great starting point for your own unique designs.

    You can easily find the construction materials for the airplane at local discount or craft stores. So what are you waiting for?


    The book starts by describing the goals and the long prototyping process that led to the final design. Along the way you get to see firsthand the challenges that creating an innovative design presents. Learn the reasoning behind all the decisions that led to this unique design.

    A stand-alone book, it is complemented nicely by RCadvisor's online model airplane calculator and my first model airplane design book. Picking up where that book left off, it takes a very pragmatic approach to the entire design process.


    "This is absolutely A MUST READ!" - Bob Aberle

    "I am so excited about the design that I just have to build one to try it out." - Ken Myers

    "Carlos kicks out another winner with this one." - Jamie Burke

    "Even if you have some model airplane design experience, you are likely to learn something from this book. I know I did." - Paul Bradley

    "Carlos Reyes has done it again!" - Richard Kline

    "Lots of great info!" - Michael "Crash" Hancock

    "Carlos' latest book is like a well written mystery novel." - Red Scholefield


    The book is just $19.95. That is a lot less than the price of a new kit! As a bonus, I'm including a *free* six month subscription to the premium features of the calculator. That is a $12 value! This subscription unlocks the optimizer and all the other advanced calculator features. Current subscribers can extend their subscription for another six months with this offer.


    As a service to the RCadvisor community, I'm making available flight packs suitable for the model described in the book. These are the same high quality components I used in all my flight testing:

    * HXT 5 gram micro servos (4 each)
    * Flightmax 500 mAh 2S1P 20C LiPo battery packs (2 each)
    * Turnigy 10A speed controller
    * Turnigy 24 gram brushless outrunner motor
    * Slow flyer 8x3.8 propeller
    * Prop saver and other connectors

    The price is just $74.95, a real bargain. Bonus: for a limited time, I'm adding an extra propeller for a total of two.


    While supplies last, I'm throwing in free high quality vinyl stickers with every order. They are three-inch high copies of the RCadvisor logo in full color. The vinyl is only 0.002 inches thick and is self adhesive. They look great!

    Carlos Reyes founder
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    Hi Carlos -- we'd love to review your book! Would you like to send us a copy?
    Debra Cleghorn, executive editor, MAN

  3. my pleasure 
    It'd be my pleasure. I'm also going to include a copy of my first book, which is very popular. I'm sending them to this address:

    Air Age Media
    Attn: Model Airplane News, Debra Cleghorn
    88 Danbury Road, Rte. 7
    Wilton, CT 06897 USA

    Carlos Reyes, AMA Scientific Leader member #4601
    Author of RCadvisor's Model Airplane Design Made Easy and other books. founder - Brainy calculator, so you don't have to be.

    Thanks! Can you please include Suite B on the address? Sometimes packages go astray if that isn't included. Looking forward to reading it!

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