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  1. 3D aerodynamics. 
    I don't know if 3D aerobatics have been defined. However, I feel hovering and Harrior flight cover the vast majority of it. In a hover, I'm good with believing the wing is producing no lift. However, in Harrior flight, is the wing really fully stalled?

    I only do 3D manuvers on my G3.5 simulator. I own no airplanes capable of hovers or Harrier flight, and really have no interest in doing so. However, I am interested in the above question. I am also not against 3D!

    Thanks for your opinion!
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    I did a search in yahoo and found some vidio of what a harrier flight is. It looks to me like there is lift on the wings even if it is just the air moving from the prop. Just my 2 cents.

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    Did some research and a very nice guy helped me find this link.

    2/3 of the lift comes from the upper surface suction, 1/3 from the bottom of the wing.... so essentially, the wing is lifting from the bottom... the top is seperated and has extensive reverse flow.... see if you can find vids of harrier flight with smoke... the seperation is at about 35% cord rather then in the first 5'ish percent when the wing isn't stalled....

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