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    First - I'm such an idiot - I built a F3A pattern planne and on my maiden flight, I forgot to reverse my radio for the aileron servos - so everything was backwards. Needless to say - I hit the dirt in short order. The plane is almost beynd repair. I can fix ot though - seems like my planes always fly better after I run them through the grinder once or twice.

    All I can remember is that when I tried to turn the aircrat - it just inverted. So, when I get this plane ready to fly again, do I need to rudder it into a simple turn, or is it just a matter of giving it "very little" aileron?

    Does anyone have some simple tips to offer on getting started with this plane. It won't survive another rebuild. Thanks.

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    You'll be fine...........just check those control surfaces. Pattern planes fly like trainers!

    How much experience do you have?

    Well - I started flying about 20 years ago and then I flew regularly for maybe 2 years. My first plane was a Great Panes PT 40 - wonderful plane - I flew inverted, rolled, flipped - everything. My second plane was a Scat Cat pylon racer. That was a great plane too - really fast. I flew that thing just about every way that you can. evenually, I samshed them both up and didn't have time to build another plne (college etc . . )

    Now 20 years later - I've been flying another PT 40. My motor isn't too reliable, so I'm a little more conservative - but i do all the same stuff.

    I don't have lots of experiecne, but I can fly ok.

    I had my private pilots license. Some things become ingrained in you once you've flown real planes, like checking control surface movement. You don't really check to see that they move the right way, but you do check to see that they are free through-out their full deflection. Previous to take off and particularly the test flight of a model, I will stand behind the plane and say to myself, "roll right" and I want to see the right aileron go up. I do the same with every control surface. This is maybe the 2nd-3rd time throw direction has been checked, as I do the same when mounting the aileron servo(s) and elevator and rudder servos while building/assembling the plane.

    As far as your ability to fly a pattern ship, it sounds to me like you'll do fine.

    I also laid off the hobby for around 10 years, after close to 20 years of active involvement. I started with an Ultra-Stick. Since I fly Mode One (throttle on the right) there was no one to help me, anyway. I took off, trimmed it out, flew around a bit, did a loop, a roll and then finished by having to land dead stick.

    It's good to be back, ain't it!!??

    Yeah - its good to be back - mostly. I fixed the plane, reversed the ailerons and took her up for the 2nd maiden flight. She flew OK. 2nd flight didn't work out too good though. She went up and the engine loaded up and died. I couldn't recover and now I'm doing a 2nd repair. You know, I need to check that needle valve every time vefore I send her up.

    Actually, I think people fool around with the needle valve to much! If you think about it, once you have the idle and high needles set, it should almost be good for anything. Large changes in atmospheric pressure are really only a click or two one way or the other on the high speed and your good. This is, if you have the fuel system set-up properly to start with, good fuel and a good glow plug. If it's loading up, something isn't right.

    That's what I would think too - sometimes though, when I refuel and restart, it seems to load up. This happens to me quite a bit - so I usually have to make a fine adjustment, then its ok. I don't know, I have to run it wide open for a few seconds before sending it up to make sure it isn't loading - otherwise, I come crahsing to the ground. All of mty motors are kind of old though - htat probably has a lot to do with it.

    Did your plane survived the second repair?

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