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    I'm building a low wing ARF stunt plane that calls for a .40 size engine. I have an OS FX .40 that I want to put on it. The plans call for me to mount the motor up-side-down. What's involved with that. Do I need to do anything different? Is it going to run that way?

    Also, the firewwall has a hole in it with markings that indicate to me that it is supposed to be the center, but it is definetly not the center. The directions are so bad with this plane - am I to mount the motor in the center of the firewall, or do I mount it as though the hole were actually marking the center? In other words, if I use mount the motor over the hole, it will be a little off center - but maybe that will counter the weight of hte muffler - I don't know . . .

    Help. Thanks.

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    posting this in 3 different sections wont get you an answer any faster, but will ensure you get them deleted.

    Thanks for the tip. No harm intended.

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