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    I have a Hobby-Zone Citabra 210 electric indoor flyer and to be honest with you I'm scared to fly her. She seems SO fragile! Especially the wing. The flight weight is 18 grams with a 15" wingspan. The wing feels like it would break if ya sneezed on it...and it isn't a cheap plane!!
    So...before I fly her I was wondering if anyone has ANY experience with this plane and can fill me in on points and the like, I would GREATLY appreciate it!Thanks,
    Zoo ~~~^..^~~~

  2. Citabria flight 
    This is an awesome rtf bird. It truly is ready to fly. Flight can be what is expected from this design, slow, stable, and forgiving.

    I fly it outide, if your a beginner I suggest using an interior building, or exterior on a 'no breeze' day as it is a light bird.

    Thanks to avoid: Stick slamming!
    No reason to go full in any direction when you a beginer this is a bad habit you want to avoid. Only slow, smooth, short commands [movements] are required. Give the plane time to react[wont take long with the size plane]. If you start stick slamming out of panic it will usually result in a crash.

    Find a little run way and practice moving it along the ground, it must be a smooth or near smooth surface.

    Remember when your ready for take-off gradually increase throttle to 1/2 throttle, you will have to apply some rudder to keep it tracking in the direction of your choice. As soon as it starts to move along the ground you can apply a small amount of up elevator and hold it there and the plane with slowly begin to rise. Keep the nose up just a bit, let it climb, but not too steep, use the upper half of throttle if your in trouble, you won't need it to ROG. When you get it up, bring it up higher than you maybe comfortable with, maybe 25+ feet or more, this will give you time to correct a mistake and prevent a crash. Altitude is your friend. If your in trouble allow the sticks to center [except the throttle keep it between 1/3 and 1/2].

    Remember to keep your turns wide until you get the feel of the craft, and when you turn, keep your nose up with a bit of elevator up.

    remember your orientation, if it is flying toward you left=right and right=left.

    Keep the throttle near 1/3 after lift off, you will see that it levels itself and is a slow flight craft.

  3. cool 
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    Very cool but I was's actually the Centurion 210...
    Can ya hand launch that sucker?

    Yes, however its not as forgiving, if you lose power it noses down quickly, other than that it fly's a bit quicker.

    both hand launch easy, 1/2 throttle, light forward toss, however its more enjoyable to ROG, you may need a tad of up elevator as you drop trottle and decrease airspeed to keep the nose up just a tad for landing, makes landing a bit slower.

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    It doesn't actually weigh enough to break itself in flight. Just get off the gas and you'll be fine.


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