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    Here are some of my scratch built autogyro designs......these are examples of my design being build from Spain to the UK to the Carolinas in the US to the midwest. Just thought I would share some photos.....

    Ben Hinson down In NC

    My gyro fleet.....

    Richard Harris of the UK

    Jordi Soler of Spain

    Richard Harris of the UK

    Joe Cole of Nebraska
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    Very Nice!

    I have always wanted to build one of those but not quiet sure about the rotor head details. The only plans I have seen always use the head off a small heli which bumps the overall cost way up.

    You wouldn't happen to have plans for any of those nice birds would you?


    Hey Jeff! Thanks for your interest in the DAG-1.

    One thing is for heli parts on my design!!!

    I use two three sevos for flight control (electric version). Two high torque servos for the head and one servo for the rudder.

    The servos for the head must be high torque as they will be controling the 50" rotorspan and to control take some torque. I would say minimum of 70 oz. of torque @ 4.8 volts.

    The head leans left and right and pivots forward and back to give you full control.

    Here is the web page for our birds. Sorry....we dod not have the Pay Pal button up yet....the page is still under construction. My partner is on vacation for a week. But please email him, his address is on the site.

    Whirly Bird Aviation

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Scratch build rc autogyro plans: sorry the page has changed. It is whirlybird aviation Enjoy the photos and videos.
    I have not checked in for a long time and I apologize.

    Happy autorotations everyone....


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    Those are awesome.

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