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    I have a Global Raven kit that for the most part, is NIB... Only thing that is absent is the decal sheet.. I won the thing in a raffle back in 1997.. Opened it up to take a look inside, read the instructions, perused the plans... Then it got put away (don''''t remember what I did with the decal sheet). Other than that it''''s been sitting in an attic for the past 11 years. Recently found it and opened it back up, everything is still there and in the same shape it was in when I first received it.. Well the box has faded... but it''''s just a box :P

    I have no interest in building it, and am looking to see if there would be any interest in anyone purchasing it.. Don''''t know what they went for retail wise.. don''''t even know if they still make the kits.. So I''''m wondering if anyone here has any knowledge and could point me in the right direction, asking price wise etc. etc.. Or if I should just throw it up on E-bay and see what happens....

    Thanks in advance.

    Oh, this isn''t the .40 powered ARF.. it''s the larger full build kit 62 inch wingspan .65+ engine model.

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    Sorry for the late response. That kit is out of production. It was well designed but the finished plane was very heavy. I know of three that were built and all came in in excess of 9 lbs. If you were to built I would suggest either a 90 2stroke or a 120 4stroke. I think the original price was in the $100.00 range depending on where you were buying. Without the decals and being the box was opened and the lack of demand when the kit was in production I think you'd be lucky to find anybody giving more than $50 for it. With a correctly matched motor the plane flew very well but landings had to be on the hot side due to the wing loading. The wire landing gear was a little on the weak side. Most substituded an alum. plate gear. The aerobatic performance was near 3D which for it's day was outstanding.


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    Hi Proffcharlie,
    Do you still have the Raven kit or did you sell it on Ebay?

    This thread brings back memories! I had barely started working at MAN when we reviewed that plane (I'm not going to do the math!). Good-looking airplane! Is the full-size still around?

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