Thread: Make A Fibreglass Warbird Mould - 1/7th Scale P-40E Warhawk

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    My apologies to all of my modelling friends out there who’ve been thoughtful enough to enquire as the status of my P-40 project over the course of the last 6 months or so. Not to worry – b1heqh54 is back with a vengeance! Lol Anyone who’s been at this longer than a season or two will be well aware that at times, life sometimes requires a shift in focus that will put a build project on the back burner. But the lesson for the younger folks is that this not the end of the road, but merely an opportunity to work on your persistence skills!

    It would seem that old Father Time came by to collect a few debts for the thirty years that I’ve been fortunate enough to avoid most of the limitations often associated with my physical disability. Luckily, this hobby is a place where I’ve made many friends over the years with others whose challenges are far greater than mine, and so I’ve been blessed with yet another treasure that our hobby has to offer. Well, enough said there.

    As one gets older, one’s world gets smaller. And so, it was that life necessitated a change in setting. Now without a work area, we have a great opportunity to demonstrate that a wing mould can be built in the space between your recliner and the blathering boob tube! So no more excuses! lol

    Before I post a few pics of my progress with applying panel lines to the underside of the wing, I need to take care of a little business. On hearing of my change in scenery, a dear friend stopped by unannounced not long ago to wish old Slow & Low well. With her, she brought along a bag of unused sandpaper left behind by a dear friend who recently passed on. So, now armed again with sheet abrasive of varying grits, the build continues. Her only request was that I set her computer up so that she could watch along. How sweet is that! Not one for charity, I can only offer heart felt and humble words in exchange. This one’s for you Lizzy, I hope you enjoy following along with Ted and I.

    An angel crossed my path today.
    An open heart: she couldn't stay.
    Down a staircase, she came to me.
    She brought me hope I couldn't see.

    Her beauty was light; clean and true.
    I hope she never comes to you.
    Not because you don't deserve her love.
    But what came first. The push; the shove.

    If ever you should live in a hole,
    Where the sun won't shine on your tired soul.
    Put pride aside and hold up your cup.
    The clouds will part if you just look up.

    And now for some pics….I’ll apologize in advance for the blur…better next time.
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    Thank you for sharing.

    Oh....well, thank you very much for thanking me - very kind indeed.

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    Just wanted to let you know that we are out here reading and watching. Keep up the great work!

    Underside of wing is coming along. As is always good advice in a build project; when you do something to one side, you should immediately move to the other side. This will keep things symmetrical and balanced. So I mark one line on one side and then the next line on the opposing side while the scaled measurement is still in front of me. All measurements are scaled relative to a detailed three view drawing. After that, I finish one side of the wing, and then the other. If you get too much unsanded epoxy in front of you, it can become intimidating and you will unconsciously begin to rush toward the end - this is not a good state of mind to achieve your best; hence finish sanding one side and then starting the other. This, for me, leads to an internal competition. I find myself trying to make the second side better than the first, and then sometimes it'll force me back to the first side - and so on, and so on....LOL Coming along though.
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    ...just some quick pics to document progress...
    the laser level is how I got the nice curves across the bellypan - in fact the panels were cut curved to form straight seams when applied, but I liked the look and so I allowed myself a little
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    I like your videos, and some cool information. Thanks

    No, no: Thank you John.

  10. Technical Problem 
    Having trouble uploading image files; don't think I've changed anything lately - anyone else?

    Cosmo Kramer said it was all about levels: I say it's all about layers. Access hatches, and landing light bezel today.
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    Well, good pics are easier said then done when things get this small, but none the less, this was this morning's progress. Count 'em if you like, but I'll be straight with you: I fell one short along the trailing edge of the aileron opening on one side. LOL These things will show up much better cast in the black epoxy.

    Oh yes, method is tried and true. Stick a pin into an eraser and dab in finishing epoxy. Apply with steady hand. Controlling the size of the rivet head takes some practice, but it can be done. The ones along the trailing edge at the ailerons are 1/32" in diameter and most of the others are around 1/16". I thinned the epoxy slightly with methyl hydrate. Once it starts to kick, just mix some more. Once it gets thick your nicely domed heads will turn into round globules. I mixed a little heavier than normal with the hardener because the dabs are so small. I'll get some pics of the setup next time around.
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    Very nice work!

    If I may offer some photography advice, I think your camera is out of focus because you are trying to get too close to the plane, causing you to go inside of the minimum focusing distance of your lens. Set your camera on the best quality image, and then you can move back a little to get a sharp focus, and take the picture. In the computer double the size of the photo and then crop the picture down around the detail you what to show, and then resize it back to what you need to post. You will then have a nice sharp close-up photo of detail you want to show.

    I only tell you this for my benefit, because I what to see all that great detail you are putting into this plane.

    Thanks for continuing to post your progress.

    Hey thanks John! I'm gonna give it a go. Thanks again!

    Cribbage anyone? 15-2, 15-4, and a pair is 6 Flush Rivet ID 0.020" or 0.5mm
    Stay tuned...more to come
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    Cribbage is a great game, and thanks again for the updates.

    You have some excellent detail there. That is going to be one nice looking war bird.
    Cribbage is OK, but I like that chess set you have in the background.

  20. Rivets and Panel Lines Video 
    Had some spare time yesterday - the latest video

    That is nice, thanks for sharing. can't wait to see the video of that bird in the air.

    3rd pull - approx 3/4lb, 12oz, 340grams - solid
    SOLD!!!! - YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!!
    Tail separate to minimize shipping cost and ease installation.
    Digital templates for internals provided.


    Nicely done b1heqh54, that should finish very well.

    Thanks John - glad to see you're still hangin' around out there.

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    I'm still out here too, looking forward to more updates!

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