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  1. Smile No clubs, need a micro flyer 
    I'm new to rc flight, I've had about 45 minutes of flight time now, (but countless hours of simulator time) and I've never sucessfully landed my 2 channel plane. The only plane I've ever flown, 14.5 inches wingspan 2 channel, and it was $5 from Bed Bath and Beyond. I'm looking for an rc quality micro PLANE thats under $100, slow and has easy to replace parts. Thanks all

  2. take it slow 
    May I suggest that you get a little mure flight time and step up slowly? I just taught a frind to fly, he had only R/C car experience. Go to Wal Mart or Toys R Us, and get an Air Hogs Ace. These are little foam planes with twin motors for lift and turning. They fly nice as long as there is no wind, cost about $30, and charge in a few minutes from the Tx.You get seat time, learning to avoid trees, power poles, the sun, ect. Then you might want to step up to a larger and faster plane like the Testers Cessna twin @ Wal Mrt. After you are able to fly and Land successfully, Hobbyzone has great trainers like the Aerobird. These are about $150 but launch, fly and land great, and all parts are replaceable after those (unexpected) wind gusts. They have dual rates (trainer and advanced) so after you learn to fly you can master loops and rolls and stuff. Good luck, Alan

    Although slightly more than your $100, you cannot find a sweeter flying plane than the Vapor. Indoors or outside in little to no wind.


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    I told my kids to get a hobbyzone champ, and my kids and grandkids have all learned by themselves on this neat little plane, costs $89.00 Ready to fly. Just charge the batteries and go fly. Has a great carrying case for transportation. I own my own and get a kick out of flying it. I love this plane.

    Parkzone's Champ, J3 Cub Vapor... any of the 3 ch micros are fine for indoor (gym or large garage) or outdoor when there's little to no wind.

    The Hobby Zone Super Cub series are also good. These are larger, a bit more expensive, require more space... but very nice planes with easy to get replacement parts.

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