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  1. new engine question? 
    i have a Great planes u-can-do-3d .46 size and im looking for a new engine for it. i recently had a o.s. .46 in it and i want more power. i was either looking at the o.s. fs-70 surpass 4 stroke or the saito 72 AAC w/Muffler: RR,
    which one do you guys think is a better option. or does anyone have any suggestions for a new engine. either 2 stroke or 4 stroke.??


    I also fly the 46 size with the 70 os four stroke in it, Has plenty of power to do what ever you want, Good luck with what ever motor you go with.

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    The .55 AX would be a natural 2-stroke option, but you might try a few different propeller options before you spring for a whole new engine.

    How do you have the engine propped right now? When you say you want more power, do you mean more speed, more pull-out power from a hover, or what exactly?

    Do you have a tachometer for fine-tuning your .46 AX? What rpms are you getting with your current setup on the .46 AX?

    A Glo-Bee digital tachometer will set you back $25, a handful of 11" and 12" props of various pitches might cost you $15 or so. Both of these are less expensive and time consuming than replacing your perfectly good .46 AX.

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