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    Hello Everyone,

    I have some very basic radio control understanding and would like to get into micro flight. What is a good first kit for someone just starting out and what is a good resource for learning about micro flight?

    Peter Walker

    I don't know if you would consider it a micro or not, but I have had very good luck with the Park Zone Cessna210 Centurion. It is 15 inch wingspan and 18 gram weight. It can be flown in a small gym. It comes complete with nothing else to buy. It even includes 8 AA batteries (not very high quality) but they will get you started. Charges in about 15 minutes and can be flown close to about 15 minutes at low speed. With a little shopping you can find it on line for about 110.00 dollars. It is the first RC plane I have ever flown other than the Air Hogs.

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    I've always been a fan of the Helis CX2 in particular. Ready to go right out of the box just charge the battery, and since helis fly considerably slower to start you have more time to think and can fly in MUCH smaller areas. Just remember not to shut the engines down unless you hit something and never stop trying to fly the thing if you get into trouble. Of course when you eventually DO hit and or break something like we ALL do. Parts are plentiful and cheap which means you can get it fixed and get back in the air before you forget what you learned NOT TO DO that caused the crash in the first place :-)

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    The Airhogs stuff is pretty nice and the coustomer service was great with me but the simple fact is that airhogs aren't hobby grade stuff. I had the reflex heli and the Twin Thunder both are nice but if you break something you can't fix it. Although coustomer service did send me a whole new twin thunder when my blade broke a week into it. I thought that was great of them. I would go with something you can fix like I went with the EFlite Blade MCX. It flys great and everything on it can be fixed if broken. If you want something to fly indoors then a heli is the way to go in my oponion.

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