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  1. Looking to get a heli for $200-$240 any suggestions 
    Loking to buy a RTF heli for low $200's, new had one have had RC cars, Anyone have any input (good and bad) on the models below or other??

    Looking at

    Walkera Dragonfly 60# Pro CCPM 7CH 3D Flight Electric RC Helicopter w/ Brushless Motor RTF

    Walkera Dragonfly 36# Pro CCPM 3D Flight Electric RC Helicopter w/ Brushless Motor RTF

    T-REX 450S Electric RC Helicoper Unassembled Kit + New 430L3550 Brushless Motor+35X ESC (seeing if an assemb version is avaible)

    6 Channel RC Radio Remote Control Raptor G2 Ready To Fly 3D RTF Helicopter

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    Welcome aboard EJFUDD!

    Dude if you can afford a T-Rex, GET A T-REX! Don't waste time or money on a Walkera. The 'Rex is the holy grail of electric helis IMO. You won't be able to get into one for just $240 though. If you want to go that low, go with an Esky CP2 or an Eflite CP or CP Pro.

    But don't jump into it. To quote the Electric Helicopter Beginners' Guide:

    1.1. Helicopters require a SIGNIFICANT TIME COMMITMENT

    If you like building and tinkering with things for hours, and enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of learning difficult skills, then this is a great hobby for you.
    If you don't like building and tinkering with things for hours and are easily frustrated by learning difficult skills, then you may want to consider another hobby.
    Click the link, read the EHBG before you lay a dime down, know what you're getting into. A collective pitch heli is not a buy and fly, and I'd advise a little time on a flight simulator before your first attempt at not crashing.

    If you want easy-to-learn just plain fun, go with a coaxial heli like the Blade CX or Esky Llama.

    I have seen T-Rex's for 240-290. I have RC gas truck so tinkering is no issue, rather have first helio RTF

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    The heli might be 240 to 290, but you will need to add a gyro, servos, receiver and battery.
    Lipo charger and transmitter if you do not have those.

    I have heard more bad about Walkera than good.

    The main advantage to the ready to fly packages is cost. They use bottom end equipment to keep cost down, and you end up with a heli with bottom end performance.

    A T-Rex with a proper head hold gyro (Futaba GY401) 4 decent servos (Hitec HS65) and a good battery (ThunderPower) will give you much less hassle while you are desperately trying to claw your way up the very steep learning curve.
    A simulator helps a lot too.

    If you are considering getting a T-Rex, take a peek at these reputable vendors:

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJFUDD View Post
    I have seen T-Rex's for 240-290. I have RC gas truck so tinkering is no issue, rather have first helio RTF
    Yeah these would *have* to be without the electronics, and I don't think there's a 'Rex that's RTF out of the box. This is because most fliers like to choose their electronics. Not trying to scare you off, but the tinkering you will do on a heli to get it set up, hovering well, flying, and repairing from crashes is like 20 times what you'd do with a nitro RC, even with a micro bird like a BCP. If you have lotsa patience it's hella fun and well worth it.

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    I would recommend the E-flite CX2. I purchased mine for $200. It comes with everything you need and is RTF. It is great fun to fly around with no winds or indoors. It also comes with several hop-up options. Hope that helps.


    Count on adding at least 30% of the total cost towards spare parts and "upgrades" (blades, skids, heat sinks,etc.) Extra parts up front takes a lot of the fear-factor out of flying.

    if you are just getting into helis DO NOT GET A T-REX!!! they are very expensive and when you crash it will cost you alot of money. i would start with a blade cx2 they are very easy to fly. trust me i got a blade cp crashed tons of times. i spent at least $50 in parts (blades, skids etc.) then i got a cx off EBAY learned on that then started to learn how to fly my cp (i still can't really fly my cp) i also have a flight sim which helps alot. Hope this helps.

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    Looking as well guess the CX2 is the way to go~!

    My friend has a blade CX2, I would reccomend that

  11. Go with Blade CX2 
    I just purchased the Blade CX2 and I am very happy I made this investment prior to considering an intermediate helicopter.

    Personally, I thought I was savvy enough to handle an intermediate helicopter from the beginning (having never flown a helicopter before)...must be a ego / pride thing... I wanted a "real" helicopter with a working tail rotor.

    I came across an article or a thread somewhere where another pilot shared his experiences with various helicopters and pretty much convinced me to start with the beginning heli's first then you can move your way up faster and maybe even cheaper in the long run.

    Even with the Great Planes Real Flight v3.5 simulator, which I also recommend, the simulator cannot replace the physical act of flying. The physics of flying is by far the greatest challenge, no matter how good you are on the simulator.

    Just my 2 cents...

    I have a Blade CX that I bought myself for Christmas. I originally bought a Blade CP 2 years ago but could not fly the darn thing after going thru 3 sets of blades and a few other parts. E-Flite did not offer the CX counter rotating Blade version when I bought the CP until a few months later. Kills me because the hobby shop guy said it was easy to fly as a Heli.

    I am charging the battery for my CP this evening so I can balance and trim it.

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    If you are just getting started with helis I would suggest the Blade 120 SR fp. It is a great rtf, very tough and the parts wont break you. once you get the hang of a fp then try your hand at cp. I suggest you try a sim as well before going to cp.

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