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    I recieved a GP flat out CAP 580 for my birthday last June. It took forever to build as the CA that came in the kit takes hours to dry, so the next step can be made the next evening, not 'build in a few evenings' as advertised. I finally got to the radio set up, and the battery would not charge. Weeks of back orders, two chargers and 5 batterys later, I got some power. Then in my hurry, I plugged it in with the prop on, (the throttle servo switch was reversed, full throttle and off the table.) The right wing cracked loose, the tail wheel ripped off the bottom of the rudder and the fuselage cracked where I grabbed it. I am on my second ESC, my fourth motor, and my 3rd tube of 5 min epoxy. The warranty dept has been great in helping with new parts, but this is crazy. The plane if fun to fly, but something breaks on almost every landing. Heck, at speed, the rudder twists the fuselage almost 45%. I have so much extra bracing and patch work that is is 25% heavier than new. Just this weekend, a low level wingtip stall at landing broke all the hinges of one wing and added 5 new breaks in the body. I have questioned Great Planes about how fragile and sensetive every part of this plane is, but they have not replied. So, I ask everyone out there if they are having these problems?... And I am in the middle of building a P-51 out of Walmart Poster Foam. This foam is a little thicker and heavier, but with that vinyl covering, it is almost imposible to tear. At $2.89 a sheet, I can build many new planes if my electronics hold out....

    I also was frustrated trying to use foam safe CA to build this model. After spending hours holding parts together, I gave up and started using a spray on CA accelerator. It went together much faster then, and I was able to make sure everything was straight and true. This is very critical to make sure it flies straight and true.
    I also did not use the motor the kit came with , but went with the outrunner motor they suggest.
    It is very twitchy it flight, but I expected that with the kind of plane it is. I spent a lot of time on the Real Flight G3 sim, with the add on that includes this airplane. This helped out a lot to get used to the the speed and light touch needed for this plane. Also make sure you are using the low rates on the transmitter, and have proportion control so the center area on your control sticks give you a little play, so you do not over control.
    While I feel the landing gear is way too fragile (I have busted mine off several times) the rest of the plane seems strong enough. The only major damage I have had to deal with wass when i flew mine straight into the ground. Broke the motor off of the plane, but no other damage, and it repaired fairly easily. Remember to save all of the pieces!!
    If you have the G3 sim, stick time on it can save a lot on repair time.

    I think that I will have to try the CA accelerator on my mext build. I have never broken the landing gear itself, the rods seem tough enough, but they rip into the wing or out of the fuselage on any rough landing. All my foam seems so fragile, it cracks with the slightest touch. I do not have the sim, but if find keeping in the air is easy enough as the plane role back to center nicely. My plane came with a Futaba T4YF and it is not dual rate, so yes, the plane is VERY 'twitchy'. I have not tryed the outrunner motor yet, but the last motor they sent me was the one for the yak 55, it has bearings and seems more powerful, I just have so much glue and bracing that I can not hover or fly slow.

    I am confused I have looked everywhear for prices on a new decent 3D flatout. somebodey help.

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    try They often run sales. Try the Yak 55 electric. Occasionally they sell it for $19.
    Free shipping at

    Kicker is a requirement when using CA.

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