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  1. Exclamation Mathematical Farmulas???? 
    Can someone tell me that if i want to make my own RC Airplane
    Q1. What mathematical farmulas and pricipals i should keep in mind?
    Q2. Any website that explains model aircraft aerodynamics.
    I have some experience in designing and making RC aircrafts, but this time i am working on a more sophisticated project that costs a lot of money. Therefore i am asking if any body knows a website link or has himself some experience that he can tell me all mathematical calculations, methods, types of servos and radios, reciever types. Lightest wireless cams.....
    Please try to help me as much you can, i will be highly greatful to u all.. Thax
    Waiting eagerly for your reply.

  2. Cool Math. formulas 
    Try going to and search for model airplanes.
    I hope you can find something of value there.


  3. Cool Basic ballpark formula 
    Here is the basic formula that I use when laying out a new design:
    First establish the wingspan and chord. Say you have a span of 60 inches and a chord of 10 inches. Now to lay out the fuselage moments I use 60% of the chord from leading edge of the wing to the firewall for the nose moment and 300% from the trailing edge of the wing to the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer for the tail moment.
    The horizontal stabilizer shoul be around 25% of the wing in total area including elevators. I would not go too much below this number.Vertical Stabilizer and rudder combined should be at least 50% of Horizontal stabilizer area.
    These figures are hypothetical but the percentages are the same with any dimensions.
    I have used this system successfuly on several single wing models that I have designed and built, both high and low wing configuration.

    Hope this info is helpful.

  4. Red face goofed 
    I hit the wring key when I entered the tail moment information and didn't catch it with my edit.
    The tail moment should be 200% of the wing chord and not 300% unless you own a balsa forest.

    Carry on,

  5. Cool big buck project. 
    How about some details surrounding your project. Multi engine, biplane, seaplane or amphib, Special functions? What kind of power and what size engine or motor? I have almost no experience with electric power, but I have a pretty good handle on glow and gasoline.

    I would be glad to help you as far as my knowledge will allow, but it would be easier if I knew what we are dealing with here.

    Please let us in on it,

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    Pick up a copy "Basics of R/C Model Aircraft Design" by Andy Lennon

    I'm an aerospace engineer and this book taught me more about the practical side of aircraft design than many of my engineering courses.

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