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    A friend gave me a 3-D foamie scratch built bi-plane, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if my E-flite 480 brushless motor will be too much for this application? The plane has a 28 1/4'' wing span and is 30'' long. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated as i am new to 3-D flight but not new to flying.

    Well, I have a GP Flatout 580. It has a monowing 36" long (222 sq in) It came stock with a brushed T370, but suggest upgrading to a brushless 450. You should have power to spare, and may need to add firewall doublers so you do not twist the nose off. Good Luck, Alan

    you can never have too much motor for 3D

    that is so true!! ;D

    I agree to a point. I have actually flown 3D planes that had too much power. It gets too hard to control the plane in a smooth manner. An e-flite 480 is really too much for most all foamies. I would probably go with something more like the Hacker A20-22L. Or the E-Flite park 370. Just my .02


    The Park 480 910kv is on my Eflite Extra 260 (built up one) and is pulling it around with unlimited vertical at 26 oz. It pulls 22 amps at full throttle and puts out around 240 watts. You may have the 1020kv version of the same motor offers even more power!

    How much do you think your foamy will weigh ready to fly?

    Most of mine weigh far less than a pound, and prefer smaller motors and batteries.


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