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    Does anyone have plans for a bomb drop mechanism. I want to add it to a plane that I have, but I replaced all of the electronics it it so I can't use the factory one. Complexity isn't realy a problem for me(I have plenty of time to spend on building). Thanks in advance.

    P.S. Try droping a 'bomb' in a small area while flying full power. Not as easy as it looks.

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    Straick, small world, I too am designing a bomb drop mechanism. It has to be simple, bolt-on and easy to install the bomb without having to turn on the radio, so it will have a spring in the design somewhere.

    So far, I am thinking of a thin plywood base with holes in it so it can be held on by the wing's hold down bolts. Then a servo with a pull cable attached to the spring loaded catch wire. will post more as things develop!
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