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  1. u can do 3d ?? 
    I recently bought a slightly used ucd 46 and it came with all servos and an o.s 61fx for $175. I was wondering because the manual said to use an engine from a .32 to a .52 but it has a 61 on it is that fine?

    never can have to much power.

  3. Thumbs up 0.61 engine in a 0.46 airplane 
    Take care, specially if you are not an experience pilot. The U can Do airplanes are not easy to fly. Using a biger engine that the manufacter recomendation add risk. I recomend fly with the help of the guy that sold to you the airplane the first time (of course if is posible) or other experience pilot.
    I used 0.61 engines with 0.46 airplanes but I fly at 4,000 feet over sea level where the air density is lower than the places were are tested the airplanes by the manufactures whre is necesary more size propeller to make 3D flyes.

    Juan is correct, when using a larger that recommended engine you have to be careful with speed and hard maneuvers. But most planes can handle it if you remember a few things. Never run the throttle at full when the plane's nose is pointed down, the larger motor can build up too much speed for the airframe. The other is that the weight of the motor will sometimes require more ballast in the rear of the plane to balance it out. This makes for a higher wing loading and different handling characteristics, especially when landing.

    Now with all that being said Hobbico99, I donít think you have all that big of a jump going from a plane that could use a .52 to a .61. Another thing is that this plane is used and has already been flown with the .61 on it. I would say just go out and have fun with it.

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