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    another question coming from a newb
    is it possible to set up a 6ch radio in the folowing way
    right stick
    left and right movement controlls both elevators and ailerons to do rolls. Up and down movements to control elevators for well pitch
    left stick
    up and down movements to controll throtle
    side to sode to controll ruder (i dont use ruder too often)
    throtle cut
    and another servo to controll the flaps (yes u heard it not ailerons flaps as the wing actualy extends about 1.5 inches at takeoff and landing.)
    any input will help ty

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    Hello Chris,
    The basic answer is, no, that transmitter cannot be programmed to mix the elevators with the ailerons. Even if you did manage it with other equipment, the contribution of the elevator to rolling ability would be almost nothing compared to the elevator. It is a matter of moment arms- The ailerons extend to the tips of the wings where they have maximum leverage to rotate the plane. Meanwhile, the elevators are so close to the centerline that they have very little leverage in the roll axis.
    This of course, would be different with a model of a wide body fighter like the F-18, where the elevator span is almost as great as the wingspan. Even then, the control setup on the F-18 only uses the elevators in the roll mode when the aircraft is flying at such high pitch angles that the wing is stalled. With enough thrust and control, you could fly a rock!
    Flaps are almost always useful on landings, the main reason for the more simple control seups in most of our planes is a combination of keeping the weight low, and not adding excessive complexity. Also, you would want to confirm that the ESC that you are using can drive any added servos beyond the basic three. Many of these devices are limited electrically, and adding too many servos can cause the power to the receiver & servos to shut down, not a good thing.
    It is difficult for those of us in the Colonies to answer questions about Canadian regulations, how about checking with one of the hobby shops in your area?
    Regards, Dave
    Dave Robelen

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