Thread: true story about my firebird commander, please read

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  1. true story about my firebird commander, please read 
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    back at the beginning of this summer i bought a firebird commander. The first day i flew the wind was light but as soon as it got about the treetops the wind got strong and gusty. I fought and fought with it but the wind eventually took my bird away from me. So i started a search and after days of looking i gave up. about a month ago some people we know said they found a plane in their field that matched my description of my plane, but they had took it to the dump with a load of trash. i figured that was my bird so i then i was forsure that i would never see her again. Well two days after christmas we were taking christmas present to the people that live down the road from us and while we were there he came in with my plane. the farmer that has alot of fields back in behind out 22 acres had found in in his pasture. i was so excited that i had finally recovered her but when i got home with it i found out that the water from the rain had messed up the circut boards and it didnt run. Last night i decided to get it down from my bedroom ceiling where i had hung it up for a decoration, and i got to messing with it and in about and hour is was working perfect. I guess the heat at the ceiling were it was hangng dried it out and now it works fine. i live in northeast georgia and we got alot of rain from all those hurricanes that hit florida this year. so now i can say my commander has survived 3 hurricanes,7 months in a field full of cows and didnt get stepped on and returned to me with the only damage being that the rubber bands rotted. thats my story, the end.

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    Thats funny, mind is still in the tree,

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    Chainsaw anybody?

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    That's quite a story, unbelieveable that you got your plane back in one piece. Someone is looking out for you. I cut a city tree down to get one of my planes out of it. Used a bow saw at night. I can't afford to lose planes and replace them.

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