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  1. Hijinx with a F140S 
    Oh yeah.... for yuh'all with T1 or wide band.... check this out.....
    it is 30 fps at 640x480!! Just a little
    TR action with my little F140S. The FTP server only leaves these on for 2
    days, so by tuesday evening, the file is no longer available.... maybe some
    one with bandwidth can post it on their server if it is good enuff???

    (Camera was a SONY DSC F828 8 mega-pixel Digital in MPEG mode.
    High speed memory @ 30 FPS, ZEIS lenses and "ZOOMABLE" in mpeg mode)

    File is called:
    You can retrieve this file at
    The userid is: asi769
    The password is: gcs
    Password and ID ArE CaSe SeNsItIvE!!
    Right click on the file in your browser and select -Save Link As- to down load the file.

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    It no worky.cant get in...

    try this then...
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    Nice flying, but what have you done lately? I know for a fact, you have improved on your flying. If you have any new stuff let's get it shot and posted.

    Well... been a while since I have visited these pages....

    I have a personal web page... some stuff there that might be interesting.. a couple "How To's"... not for profit.. just wanted a site to share...

    Hope you like it!

    Gratzs on your pattern win. Check out my blog for a complete list of winners at the first annual Victorville pattern contest.

    nice little ditty there on our pattern contest...

    I am getting this pattern bug....


    i will soon be joining you, working on a SebArt WindS 110e :-)

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