Thread: GWS Micro Electric Duct Fan Unit EDF50, Weight 29.8g at 7.2V give you 73g thrust!

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  1. Post GWS Micro Electric Duct Fan Unit EDF50, Weight 29.8g at 7.2V give you 73g thrust! 
    GWS just finished a new Micro Electric Duct Fan Unit: GWS EDF50

    GWS-EDF50 new products release information, will be display during the up coming RCHTA show.

    Some of the test data included as below. However, there modeatil comparission datas which we tested under Open & With Case of Duct fan shell also can be read.

    GWS expect this unit will be a great help for electric duct fan flyers my have a better choice for pay less fly EDF with better performance.

    The GWS-EDF50 will come with special tuned up carbon motor, which can develop a great performance at 7.2V, you will see the different test datas compared with regular IPS carbon motor.

    The full set of GWS-EDF50 street price in the USA will be around $18~25 depend on dealers margin rate. Similar priced will be considered in other countries, expect some where the tax & duty might be make it priced higher.

    You can read detail from GWS web as below:

    Indoor EDF jets is not far away from us. GWS will produce many Micro Indoor Jets. What do you like first? Don't be hesitated to tell GWS about your dreams!

    GWS Boss is me, a crazy dreamer from Taiwan is waitting for your opinion.
    Houng-wen Lin ( GWS CEO )
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Grand Wing Servo Tech Co., Ltd.

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    I must say, this fan unit is what I have been waiting for! My first gws product was the tiger moth and I have to say it is my favorite plane so far...EVER! In my opinion gws is the best company with the best products! My dream is to build a small one or two motor F-117 NITEHAWK!

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    Mr. Lin,

    I knew I liked you when I met you in Arlington, TX. at SWAC. I've been experimenting with using a GWS DX-A motor in a "different" company's Fan unit with nominal results. Can't wait to get my hands on one of your EDF units. Your test data shows me that it will outperform my current solution by nearly 50% in thrust at the same amperage. GREAT usual.

    My vote is for a DeHavilland Vampire or an F9-F Panther. Those two, along with maybe a big, slow, U-2 spy plane would be great indoor subjects.

    Thanks again for your commitment and excellence in supporting this hobby.
    Jason Nowell
    WebMaster - NIRAC

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    Mr Lin
    Could we get a set of sized drawings so that we can get the CAD work going. I am looking forward to this product - much better than my home brewed attempts.

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    Mr. Lin,

    First of all, thank you. I attribute my entire interest in this hobby to GWS. Without your products (litestik, IPS, R4P etc...) I don't think I could have afforded RC, or would have been interested. It's amazing how many of your products I have/enjoy.

    Anyway, back to the topic. I do very much look foreward to buying a few of your fans, will I be able to put them on the A-10? That is hands down my favorite "jet" model.


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    Mr. Lin,

    When can we expect to see these little gems on the hobby shop shelves? I have had visions of Indoor Boeing triple 7's and Lockheed L-1011 Tristars dancing in my head ever since I saw the EDF on your web site...

    Jeffrey Park
    Orange County Aeronauts

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    Daer Members,

    Thanks all of you guys give GWS so many good comments, we will continiously work hard to make Indoor RC better than ever.

    Inside of GWS, we almost release A-10 this summer, but base on push props, aslo a new B-2 which wing area 18dm SQ. But than I dreamed about "TOP GUN", and talked with many flyers during TOLEDO show, I decided to modified our original design a little bit, wish to make something special.

    GWS just make this EDF mold finished 3 weeks ago, we are making some balance trim and logo. A few samples were on the way to GWS world wide dealers. Massive production will be start from mid Spectember, and ship to all the ditributors & dealers. You'd better to ask you dealer to book your pcs from Horizon, Balsa Products or Maxx products.

    Don't forget to tell your favorite kits maker to design their new kits base with GWS servos and parts. So more flyers can enjoy what they like. I tried to make PICO series to match flyers demands, but some time I can feel peoples send bad words "attack" GWS!? However, I will keep listening to all kinds of opinions to make GWS model products improved. But GWS also need your support to make us feel not so longly, thanks you again for your postive comments.

    F-117, was one of the projects going on. A speed 400 motorized nearly completed. Of course, GWS should also proceed on a twin EDF50 version, wish to have result before end of this yaer.

    A "Zero" for our EPS100 & 300 system is under tooling now. Wish you can get them for Chirist Mas. See GWS web-site:

    P-51 also comming soon following the "Zero".

    To many dreams to tell you. But I like to share yours and lets make it to be true together!

    Why GWS makes Indoor RC so cheap? There are never shrot of expensive products. We do need to supply something works yet affordable for more peoples who are interseted in RC as you and me, but less income. Can you image there still a lot of countries GNP less than $1,000 per year? I wish to make them possible to enjoy why we are so happy too!

    See you at RCHTA show, GWS will at booth #133.
    Houng-wen Lin ( GWS CEO )
    Taipei, Taiwan
    Grand Wing Servo Tech Co., Ltd.

    Looking forward to seeing you again at the iHobby show in October! We'll take lots of photos to share here on the Radio Control Zone.

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